If you like the classic style and prefer the functionality in front of some highly modern design, the wiring elements from the UNICA basic product line will surely please you, because these wiring elements are perfect and especially unique Solution for every home. It is a comprehensive range of switches, drawers and all electrical installation accessories, which do not have any high demands on the appearance, design or processing of individual components, and where it is important mainly functionality and quality materials. This product line is therefore basic because you will find the machines in common white or ivory, without any modifications, and you can complete them with ordinary frame frames.
Each interior can be diversify with a little color
But if you're interested in a little revitalize your home, you can combine this basic product from this base line with products from other production lines from this great manufacturer, where you will find frames in several possible color shades and several different Widths and dimensions to give your interior a completely different look. Therefore, do not hesitate to check out our wide range of wiring elements from this great renowned foreign manufacturer and take your household perfection to the last detail today. All products are offered to you at very advantageous prices and you can also use our shopping advisor if you do not know the advice.