It's just that. We will give you one simple example. After a long time, you can invent a completely perfect machine, which no one else has ever invented. It's really a top-notch unique. However, if you sit in your workshop and always enjoy your creation, you will never be a successful entrepreneur. You will have to invest in promotions and marketers to let everyone know that you have produced something that must not be missed in any household. It will not be easy, but with a little luck, success will not pass.
The average company will never be at the forefront
You must want to be the best if you want to break records. A competitive advantage could help you succeed. But you really have to offer it to people. If you have an original product, it's great. You may be wearing a great idea in your head that no one else has ever imagined. In such situations, success is relatively easy. However, companies that offer quite ordinary products and services want to succeed in the market. But they can be distinguished significantly from others. Try to find a niche in the market and fill it up.